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Become an early adopter and find out how Cyrima 
Benefits Your Company?

Enhance your company's security with Cyrima.

Get free access

15% off for the paid version 

Free tech support after the early adoption


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How it works

How Cyrima Benefits You?

Streamlined Security: Cyrima guides you and helps to identify and resolve security issues seamlessly during project planning and development. It aligns with your company's unique size, industry, and regulatory landscape, ensuring precise security measures.

Expert Protection: An additional Jira plugin allows us to implement our security recommendations directly into the project management environment and generate tailored recommendations for each project category. 

Effortless Integration: Cyrima seamlessly integrates with popular ITIL or ISO-based operating models, and Jira Software, enhancing existing processes with minimal effort.

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Seamless integration
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What Will You Get as an Early Adopter?

Free access to the current version of Cyrima’s framework a repository of well-defined processes to support the security of your projects and business continuity.

Basic operational instructions for each security activity. 

15% discount on your first Cyrima license after the early adoption period (either monthly or yearly access) to continue using our tool in order to enhance your company’s security continuously.

Free tech support and consultancy after the early adoption period (this service usually is subject to a fee, but in order to support our early adopters we are happy to offer you our consulting services up to 15 hours for free).

Apply now and elevate Your Project Security with Cyrima!

Free access 

15% discount 

Basic position manuals

Free tech support after the early adoption of 15 hours for free

The early adoption phase ends in Q1 of 2024.

Thanks for submitting!
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