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Strengthen your NGO Security. Join Cyrima for Good program for just
1 EUR!  

Unlock Peace of Mind for Your Projects! Join Us Today and Secure Your NGO's Future with Our Comprehensive Project Security Framework

Just 1 Euro/Month
✅ Comprehensive Security Framework
✅ Standards Alignment (ITIL, ISO)
✅ Free Tech Support: $1,000 Value

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How it works

How Cyrima Benefits Your NGO?

Effortless Security: Cyrima streamlines security, aiding you in identifying and resolving issues seamlessly during project planning and development. Tailored to your organization's size, industry, and regulatory landscape for precision.

Expert Shield: Our Jira plugin integrates security recommendations directly into project management, offering customized advice for each project category.

Seamless Harmony: Cyrima effortlessly integrates with leading ITIL or ISO-based models, alongside Jira Software, enhancing existing processes with minimal effort."

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Seamless integration
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Unlock Benefits for NGOs in Cyrima for Good Program.

Secure your future at just 1 euro per month, forever. Apply now and secure ongoing discounts on your Cyrima license, ensuring continuous company security enhancement.

Access basic operational instructions for every security activity.

Receive $ 1000 worth of tech support for free. Normally subject to fees, we're delighted to offer up to 5 hours of consulting services for free to support NGO"

Apply now and elevate Your Project Security with Cyrima!

✅ Tailored Security: Cyrima offers security solutions to NGO needs, ensuring precise protection based on size, industry, and regulations.

✅ Expert Integration: A Jira plugin provides custom security advice, seamlessly integrating into project management for NGOs.

✅ Standards Alignment: Cyrima aligns with ITIL and ISO models, enhancing NGO processes with minimal effort.

✅ Affordable Security: Join for just 1 euro/month to enjoy ongoing discounts on Cyrima licenses, fortifying NGO security.

✅ Free Support: Gain $1,000 worth of free tech support, including up to 5 hours of consulting, to support NGO security.

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