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Project security

Cyrima is a system designed to improve your company’s information security capabilities in project management.

How it works

How it works

Cyrima is transforming the way organizations find and fix security issues during project planning and development. It automatically adapts to company size, industry, and regulatory landscape allowing you to design adequate project security measures, custom-fit for your particular business case. 

Leverage your team’s expertise and resources easily, with optimal protection in mind, regardless of the scope of the project. Thanks to its scalability, Cyrima supports many popular scenarios, whether it’s a high-risk digital transformation project or software development on a shoestring budget.

project security augmentation
Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Cyrima integrates seamlessly with the majority of popular ITIL and ISO-based operating models, including but not limited to IT, security and PMO. It is specifically designed to augment existing processes with minimal effort on your company’s part. It is a tool dedicated for companies looking to unlock bottlenecks, reduce security-related rework, and clearly identify adequate security measures to achieve regulatory compliance. Boost your team’s competencies and put your assets to work where they are needed the most.

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About us

About us

Created by SEDIVIO S.A. in cooperation with, Cyrima addresses the growing problems of insufficient project security capabilities and resources in project management. Our tool is backed by an international network of service providers who can join, supplement, and aid our customers’ internal teams as needed.

By providing a consistent framework and granularity of tasks, we at Cyrima are able to provide consulting support of the highest quality faster and at a lower cost.

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